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Welcome to our website!

Who we are:

The PLS Company provides professional linguistic support to companies that are actively engaged in foreign commerce. We offer translation services from/to languages ​​of Europe, CIS, Middle East and the Far East (interactive language map

Our team brings together the expertise of engineers with knowledge of foreign languages, professional scientific and technical editors and proofreaders, energetic young team managers and IT professionals, thanks to whom we actively implement the latest translation technologies. These resources allow us to consistently provide the highest quality translations.

We work according to European TEP (translation, editing, proofreading) standard. In other words, each translation undergoes mandatory editing and proofreading by highly qualified specialists and native speakers.

Our motto: we erase borders!

Why choose us:

Most translation companies, in order to increase sales volumes, often forget about the primary task – providing the client with high-quality translations. Given the high competition for “winning” major contracts for translation of large volumes of text on tight schedules, many translation companies often engage in “dumping”, with the result that they are unable to perform the job in the appropriate quality. Receiving such a “translation”, the client soon finds it requires some polishing, and then the translation companies bill him for “additional editing”, thus exceeding the original budget by 30 to 50%.

We offer a principally new approach:

- We take into account all the wishes of the client during the preliminary estimate stage, and create a specification of requirements, based on which we form our proposal. This allows us to foresee all possible costs and stick to the budget set for the translation.
- We guarantee the quality of rendered services “the very first time”, with strict observance of set deadlines. We offer linguistic support to customers after the service is rendered, and therefore, if a client has any concerns about the received translation, we provide the necessary refinement at our own expense.
This approach enables our customers to receive high quality “turnkey” translations, and remain within the budget set for translation services.
By choosing us, the customer receives consistent high quality services. We take upon ourselves the responsibility for solving linguistic tasks of our clients, and adhere to all agreements – as a result, our clients always achieve their business goals.

Our sector-specific solutions:

Our company has nine departments that handle linguistic tasks in the following areas:

Each department specializes in a particular industry and consists of translators, scientific and technical editors, proofreaders and layout specialists.
By providing sector-specific solutions for translation needs, we fulfill the tasks of a “full-time translator” for your company, while helping you achieve real-time interaction with foreign partners.
We offer customers a specific set of services that are necessary for successful work in their respective sector. Details can be found in the “Sector Solutions” section, by selecting the corresponding sector.

Linguistic support

We offer full-cycle linguistic support for companies that need to deal with all sorts of translation tasks in their interaction with foreign partners.
This is a comprehensive set of essential services, which are selected by our experts, individually, to solve specific business tasks of each client. For example, localization and internationalization services, to help implement successful exit of Russian producers onto the international arena, and for international companies to discover and develop their business in Russia.
For detailed information about these services, please see “Linguistic Support”.


Dear Colleagues,
Over the years of successful work in this field, we have become a reliable partner for many international companies. We are focused on creating long and fruitful cooperation, and therefore look forward to expanding the circle of our customers and partners.

Our team will be happy to help you with any translation tasks!