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About us

History of the PLS Company began in 2009, as a division of an IT company that was dynamically expanding in the Russian market.

The main purpose of the linguistic division was to satisfy the internal needs of the company for quality translation services and language support in all phases of work with foreign partners.

Having set a goal to find solutions to own tasks and subsequently analyzing the main suppliers of language services for IT businesses, we decided that the best way to proceed was to form a working group of highly qualified professionals in the field, with extensive experience in the translation process. In the course of its development, the working group was formed into a separate unit, with a task of solving all tasks related to linguistic, translation and interpretation services, as well as organizing special events and carrying out localization of software. Sometime later, this unit was turned into a separate legal entity, which started to provide linguistic services to third parties.

In the period 2011–2012, qualified engineers with knowledge of foreign languages ​​and translation professionals joined the company.

These came from sectors such as
ITConstruction,  EngineeringMetallurgyEnergy, Oil and GasEcology and EnvironmentLaw and Finance ,  LogisticsAdvertising, Marketing and Media

Thus, nine specialized departments were formed in the company to provide sector-specific solutions, through which it became possible to fulfill the tasks of a "full-time translation department" for any enterprise, thus helping achieve real-time interaction with foreign partners.

Currently, the PLS Company is a member of the Green Solutions Group of Companies and has extensive experience in the implementation of translation projects for the above-listed sectors.

The main direction of activity at the moment is providing comprehensive full-cycle linguistic support to companies, which need translations of various complexities for their interaction with foreign partners. This is a comprehensive set of essential services, which are selected by experts, on an individual basis, to solve specific business tasks of each client. For example, localization and internationalization services to help Russian producers make a successful entry onto the international arena, and international companies to open and develop their businesses in Russia.

Over the years, the PLS Company has proven itself as a reliable partner of the leading Russian and international companies, as well as multinational holdings.

Our motto: we erase borders!


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