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Currently, many companies have a growing need to bring products to the global market. Most of the world's largest companies receive more than 50% of their profits from sales in foreign markets.

One of the key elements in these sales is the quick and effective attraction of interest of the local population to the product – through effective advertising. Leading marketers and product managers are faced with a very difficult task – the localization of marketing materials and advertising for the new potential audience.

The main objective of advertising is to localize the correct transmission of meaning to the recipient, so that the latter understands it exactly as the creator meant.

Localization of small advertising texts.

As advertising text, we mean text that carries an advertising message. It is distinguished by the following characteristics: it contains information about an individual or a legal entity, as well as goods and ideas; it is intended for an indefinite number of persons; it is designed to generate and maintain interest in the individual or legal entity, goods, ideas, initiatives; and finally, advertising text promotes the sale of goods, ideas and initiatives.

Advertising text is special in that it is the text of mass communication. It is meant not only to inform, but also to encourage action by whole groups of recipients, affecting the masses and public consciousness.

Localization specialists are translators, who, in addition to the lexical nuances, take into account any additional details related to the special characteristics of the potential audience.

Before starting to translate advertising texts, we carry out a detailed analysis of the advertised product, examine the target audience, and analyze the needs of people in the field of the offered products.

For localization of advertising content, what is required is not only perfect knowledge in the field of translation, but also in the field of psycholinguistics, sociology, linguistics, economics, and marketing.

To localize your advertising slogan, we recommend – “transcreation”.

In preparing information with which a company is planning to enter the international market, particular attention should be paid to translating the advertising slogan or brand. Increasingly, such companies do not require the creation of new advertising images and text, but rather the localization and adaptation of messages and videos that have been proven effective in other markets.

Without the help of a specialist, it is not always possible to predict how, in a given region, people will accept a specific advertising message. Scientific studies show that, due to its specific nature, it is almost never possible to translate advertising text word for word; as in doing this, the text loses its meaning and force of impact. Sometimes a text message, which makes people smile in one country, may cause confusion or even anger in other countries.

Therefore, the localization of the advertising slogan must take into account all traditional, national and social characteristics, as well as behavioral patterns of a specific audience.

Transcreation – this is the creative adaptation of advertising texts and slogans.

When it comes to localization of advertising slogans, this involves not just localization, but rather creative interpretation. To obtain the greatest effect from localization, our project teams include copywriting specialists, who “re-create” certain sections of the text to meet the needs of a new audience.

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