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The construction industry has always been relevant and important to the development of all regions and sectors of economies in countries around the world. This sector has always been an indicator of success in the economic development of a country in general. Construction itself covers a vast area of ​​material production, involving the construction of objects and creation of funds for various purposes (industrial and nonindustrial), various prefabricated buildings, complexes, constructions and designs, as well as the new technologies sphere that keeps developing.

Many international construction projects are being realized today. For successful business communication and implementation at a high level, we offer sector-specific translation solutions to various players in this market.

Solutions for manufacturers and distributors of building materials and equipment for the construction industry.

We offer localization of marketing materials that are necessary for moving goods to new markets and making sales to consumers. For high-quality translation, containing all the geographical features of the target language, we employ native speakers to edit text on the lexical and syntactic level of that language.

The process we use currently is to translate all technical documentation in accordance with state standards, rules and regulations. To ensure that your materials are understood by professionals speaking a foreign language, in the translation process, we actively involve engineers with knowledge of foreign languages, who monitor the compliance of translations with all specialized technical nuances.

We translate the following documents for construction companies:

- Technical specifications;

- Specifications;

- Estimates

- SNIP standards;

- Technical passports;

- Certificates;

- Explanatory notes to executive documentation;

- Drawings;

- Operations logbooks;

- Architectural supervision logs;

- Technical manuals;

- Instructions;

- Manuals;

- Tender documentation.

Among our clients are: Eurocement Group CJSC, REHAU LLC, MAPEI CJSC, Azaran LLC, etc.

Solutions for companies involved in architecture and design.

Typically, companies engaged in architecture and design, constantly monitor tendencies and trends around the world. In order to create interesting architectural features, industry professionals are actively involved in many international forums and conferences. That is why language support and individual sector-specific solutions are particularly in demand in this sector.

We offer:

- Rapid analysis and translation of various foreign trade publications on architecture and design;

- Consecutive interpreting at negotiations, Skype-conferences and forums;

- Qualified localization of articles for foreign media;

- Localization and internationalization of websites, marketing materials and advertising.

Our clients include: Nayada-Stolitsa.

For more information about sector-specific solutions, please consult with our managers 24/7 by phone at: +7 (499) 686-0390, or send a request using the order form on our website.