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The concepts of “ecology” and "environment protection" have always been very closely linked.

Scientific and technological progress has raised sharp questions concerning the main elements of the environment (air, water, soil). They are presently the subjects of severe pollution, due to harmful industrial emissions and waste.

Now the issue of environmental protection has become global, and every day hundreds of international projects are being realized, for the implementation of which various linguistic services are required.

As a rule, especially in demand today are translations of various technical documents, which contain highly specialized terminology.

To ensure that your materials are understood by professionals speaking a foreign language, in the translation process, we actively involve engineers with knowledge of foreign languages, who monitor the compliance of translations with all specialized technical nuances.

Our clients include many businesses whose activities touch upon the ecology and environmental protection, which are engaged in:

- Water treatment,

- Air purification

- Construction of sewage treatment plants,

- Processing of waste products

- Alternative energy (biofuels, energy from waste, solar, wind).

Our customers include:

KF Center, Nederman, Delfin Aqua.

For more information about sector-specific solutions, please consult with our managers 24/7 by phone at: +7 (499) 686-0390, or send a request using the order form on our website.