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Our oil and gas sector translation department actively works with leading companies in this industry, engaged in such activities as:

- Geological and geophysical surveys. Search and exploration for oil and gas fields, comprehensive assessments of oil and gas areas and local objects, as well as estimations of reserves.

- Construction of oil and gas wells on land and at sea. Equipment and technology for drilling horizontal wells.

Development and operation of oil and gas fields. Methods of reservoir stimulation for enhanced oil recovery.

- The collection and preparation of oil and gas.

- Transportation and storage of oil, gas and petroleum products, machinery and technology for the construction and operation of pipelines. Tanks and tank farms.

- Pumps, compressors, pneumatics, actuators and motors used in the oil and gas sector.

- Equipment and technologies for oil, gas and petrochemicals.

- Construction of oil and gas facilities, including offshore structures. Construction machinery.

- Power and electrical equipment for the oil and gas industry. Cable products.

- Chemicals, additives and materials for oil, gas, and oil refining industries, as well as the transport of oil and oil products.

- Automation of control networks and remote control systems for drilling, extraction, collection, transportation, storage and processing of oil and gas. Control and measuring devices. Metrological support tools.

- Ecology: scientific research, technologies, equipment, control and measuring devices. Modern systems for environmental monitoring. Disposal and recycling of production waste products.

We provide sector-specific solutions for the translation of all technical documentation that is required by professionals in this industry.

This department specializes only in the oil and gas sector, and is composed of translators, scientific, technical editors, proofreaders and layout specialists. We employ engineers with knowledge of foreign languages, which means that they always follow the technical literacy of the translation.

Our translations must always meet the following criteria:

- Technical accuracy of the translation. The translation must accurately reflect the technical sense of the original documents. The translation must correctly present the sequence and progress of operations described in the documentation, the meanings of terms, limitations and technical requirements provided in the documentation.

- Clarity of the translation. The translation must exclude the possibility of ambiguous reading and different interpretations of sentences. The target language translation must ensure ease of understanding and sense of the document.

- Faithfulness of the translation. The translation must preserve the headings of the source documentation (division into parts, sections, paragraphs and sub-paragraphs.) The translation must preserve the original layout and design tables, drawings, diagrams, graphs, charts, drawings and sketches. The translation must fully preserve all numbers, the degree of units of measurement, and other technical data (names of varieties, brands, types, materials, and equipment) to be included in the documentation.

To ensure a high-quality translation into a foreign language, we employ native speakers to edit text on the lexical and syntactic level of that language.

The cost of translation in this sector depends on the target language and type of the documentation. For example, a translation from English into Russian costs from 450 to 700 rubles per page (volume discounts are available).

For more information about sector-specific solutions, please consult with our managers 24/7 by phone at: +7 (499) 686-0390, or send a request using the order form on our website.