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In the mechanical engineering structure there are 19 large complexes, nine branches, well over 100 specialized sub-sectors and manufacturing industries.

Among the complex sectors with similar production processes and raw materials usage are:

  • Heavy, power and transport engineering;
  • Electrical industry;
  • Chemical and petroleum engineering;
  • Machine tool and tool industry;
  • Equipment manufacturing;
  • Tractor and agricultural machinery;
  • Machine building for light manufacturing and food industries, etc.


Mechanical engineering is a constantly evolving sector, so with each passing day, the demand for translation services keeps growing, and the dictionary of engineering concepts, terms and turnover is continually updated.

Given such a branched structure, the products are very diverse. Translation in this field is one of the most challenging tasks for translators, because even with the knowledge of sector-specific terminology, but not understanding of the sequence of operations (progress), sometimes it is not enough to make a high-quality translation.

In order to translate technical texts in this field, one needs to have a specialized technical education, as well as work experience as an engineer, knowledge of a foreign language and experience of working with foreign partners in the given field.

In order to provide our customers with quality translations, we have selected the best specialists in engineering, with knowledge of foreign languages, science and technology editors and proofreaders (we work with all types of drawings), all combined into a single team.

Now we provide our industry-specific solutions for companies such as Bosch Rexroth, ISP Group, Commercial Design, Wilo, Schunk Materials, Schaeffler Group, and GFC AntriebsSysteme GmbH.

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