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Translations in the IT field

The IT field is distinguished by the variety of activities in this spheres and its rapid development. To be an expert in this field one has to constantly and study tons of documents. Specialists of our company are fortunate, as the PLS Company is a member of Green Solutions, a group of IT companies.

Initially, our team was created to satisfy the internal linguistic needs of the group, so we learned to keep up with the times and quickly process documents on the newest developments.

Ever since then, we are constantly developing together with our customers, who work in completely different spheres of the vast IT field.

During the period of our work, we have become a reliable partner in translation of technical documents for equipment, for such vendors as:

EMC, Cisco, Oracle, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Fujitsu, Hitachi Data Systems, Huawei.

Specifics of IT translation

Texts in this field are distinguished by their abundance of neologisms, which are coming into the modern Russian language. In the course of a translation, one may encounter many terms that still lack their equivalents in the Russian language, simply because they are names of innovative developments coming from the West. There are also a number of IT jargon terms, which must be taken into account when translating. The main principle of IT translation is to preserve the technological meaning and transmit it in an appropriate way to a specialist in another language environment. To ensure high-quality translation into a foreign language, we employ native speakers to edit text on the lexical and syntactic level of that language.

Examples of cooperation

Green Solutions – integrated linguistic support (consecutive translation at meetings with foreign partners and customers, translation services at forums, translation of technical documents, etc.)

Otkrytye Tehnologiyi (Open Technologies) – oral consecutive translation, translation of legal documents.

Dragon Wave – localization of marketing materials, legal and technical documents.

Spectrosoft – localization of marketing materials.

RTSOFT – oral consecutive translation, localization of marketing materials.

Aruba Networks – localization of the corporate website (

Software localization

One of the most complicated sector-specific solutions is software localization.

Software localization is a process of adapting software to the culture of a particular country.

Software localization includes the following stages:

  1. User interface translation. Correct alignment and positioning of interface elements, taking into account the fact that words and message lines in various languages may considerably differ in length (for example, a typical word or massage in English, after it is translated into the Russian language becomes 20 to 30% longer).

  2. Implementation of national standards according to the target country:

- formats for date, time, and numbers;

- currency symbols;

- peculiarities of local legislation.

3. Adaptation of graphics to the realities of a target country (signs, images, photos).

4. Translation of accompanying technical documents. The most important part here is the localization of terms.

One of the most important aspects in software localization is the localization of terms, as these have to be not simply translated, but localized for a new target audience in a different language environment.

To ensure high-quality translations with consideration of all language-specific geographic peculiarities we employ native speakers to edit text on the lexical and syntactic level of that language.

To ensure that your materials are understood by professionals speaking a foreign language, in the translation process, we actively involve engineers with knowledge of foreign languages, who monitor the compliance of translations with all specialized technical nuances.

For more information about sector-specific solutions, please consult with our managers 24/7 by phone at: +7 (499) 686-0390, or send a request using the order form on our website.