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Our agency is focused on working with major law firms that specialize in providing services in the field of international law.

We are ready to assist in the interpretation and translation involving:

- Compiling of foreign trade contracts

- Resolution of disputes in international courts,

- Legal expertise (due diligence) of companies and assets to identify risks and ways to minimize them in the implementation of M&A transactions,

- Conclusion of mergers and acquisitions (M&A),

- Establishment of joint ventures (JVs) by foreign and Russian investors

- Registration of branches and representative offices of foreign companies in Russia, and abroad for Russian companies.

- Selling or buying a business or real estate abroad, etc.

Time = Money

As a rule, international lawyers speak 1–2 foreign languages, as they need to understand the content of documents and rapidly comprehend substantive information to provide instant response to new circumstances, or to make accurate decisions in favor of their clients. However, the existence of such knowledge does not mean that lawyers must themselves translate tons of legal documents, as they are still much more expensive than are translators, even with their knowledge of the legal and financial sectors.

The real cost of quality

It should be noted that only lawyers can assess the commensurate impact of even a small distortion of meanings or inaccuracies in the translation of legal terms, which can lead to significant financial losses. The complexity of the legal translation is consonant with the terms, which in the various legal systems can mean different things, so it is necessary to select the appropriate equivalent terms, to ensure exact meaning.

We translate accompanying documentation for international projects, consisting essentially of:

- Appraisal reports on businesses, assets,

- Confidentiality agreements,

- Letters of intent

- Shareholders agreements,

- Statutory documents,

- Statements and extracts,

- Customs declarations,

- Foreign trade contracts,

- Foreign court judgments, etc.

To ensure the provision of adequate quality, we employ translator-lawyers with knowledge of Russian and international law, who professionally translate from foreign languages ​​into Russian. For translation into a foreign language, we employ lawyers with knowledge of the Russian language and permanent residence in the country, in which the language of the translated documents is spoken.

This approach places us above the competition, distinct from other translation agencies, who are still trying to translate legal texts by experts who do not speak the legal “jargon”.

We provide industry-specific solutions for companies such as Baker & McKenzie.

For more information about sector-specific solutions, please consult with our managers 24/7 by phone at: +7 (499) 686-0390, or send a request using the order form on our website.