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Layout of graphic elements

Which files are needed for layout creation?


  • Drawings, diagrams in graphic formats, as well as in CAD formats;
  • Documents containing graphic elements with text that needs to be translated;
  • Presentations in PowerPoint, Flash, PDF, etc.;
  • Scientific texts, intense formulas and symbols, including with layouts in TeX.


It is hard to imagine the process of translating technical documents without tables, graphs and drawings in AutoCAD.

Graphic elements are understood to be the images that are located next to the text in documents, in formats such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, PDF, JPEG, AutoCAD, etc.

Graphics layout service involves replacing the existing image labels in the language of the source material, with labels in the target language, while maintaining all other elements of the image and its location in the text.

This service is provided to ensure the preservation of the layout of the original text in the translation.

Our company employs layout experts with many years of work experience, who use creative approaches.

We can help solve tasks associated with the processing of your documents, and assist you in choosing the most convenient format.

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