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Translation and localization of marketing materials (brochures, catalogs)


In bringing a product or service to a new foreign-language market, marketing specialists face a very important task – translating marketing materials (brochures, catalogs, information of the exhibition stand, commercial offers, brochures, and websites).

Most importantly, the marketing materials must retain their “pizazz” and thus their impact on the target audience. That is why we offer localization, and not just translation. In localization, the text is virtually re-written by our experts – native speakers who, using the correct terms that the target audience will understand, ensure that the “pizazz” of the original message is preserved. In addition, our team of marketing experts reworks the advertising slogans – this is the so-called transcreation process (the localization of a slogan into a foreign language).

In order to localize marketing materials for a new potential audience, you need to first define in what geographic region your audience is located – and only after that, it will become clear what language to use and what nuances to consider.

For example, if you wish to localize materials for an audience in Switzerland (the country has three official languages: German, French and Italian, and one common language – English), it is necessary to understand, in which part of Switzerland your audience resides, and then translate the materials into that particular language.

To achieve high-quality translations with all the geographical special characteristics of the language, we employ native speakers to edit text on the lexical and syntactic level of that language.

To ensure that foreign-language materials are clearly understood by industry professionals, in the translation process we actively involve engineers with knowledge of foreign languages, which monitor compliance with all the specialized technical nuances.

The effect of well-localized materials will be seen immediately, because language boundaries become erased and communications with customers are brought to a new higher-quality level.

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