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Linguistic support

In today's business world, as in any competitive situation, a good strategy and dynamics are needed to obtain new achievements, and to hold one’s current position in the market. Each participant seeks to look stronger, jump higher and grab more – and each tries to put spokes into the wheels of his competitors. Now let us imagine that you are on a foreign playing field and your opponents speak a different language...

How to win?

Your team and trust play a big role, and therefore it is important to choose a reliable partner that will support and advise you in difficult times.

We offer our partners around-the-clock linguistic support in the form of personal accompaniment, attending negotiations and events (everyone understands the importance of such a “personal” interpreter, who can tell and notice many more things, as he/she has greater experience in that culture). We also offer support by telephone (consultation about terminology by phone or SMS) or via the Internet (using e-mail or Skype conferencing).

In addition, we can undertake the organization of greeting foreign partners at an airport, providing them with excursion programs and transfers to the offices of their partners at the “appropriate” times.

Moreover, during our partners travel and meetings abroad, we support them at the level of preparation of marketing materials as well as technical documentation that is necessary to make the sale, helping to prepare and translate agreements and implement shipments of products.
We know how to present our partners in the best light at international exhibitions, and help them assume the necessary positions, with well-formed speeches and design of exhibition booths.

Generally speaking, we cannot win the game for our partners, but we can actively support them at all stages. We become a part of their teams, and go with them to victory!
We offer full-cycle linguistic support for companies that need all sorts of translation tasks solved during their interaction with foreign partners.

This is a comprehensive set of essential services, which are selected by our experts individually, in order to solve specific business tasks of each client.

Here is the list of services that can be selected, and must be configured, for integrated linguistic support:

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