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Translation of audio and video materials

The information space around us is becoming more multimedia and interactive with each passing day. Almost every commercial enterprise has at its disposal a set of promotional videos featuring the company’s products or services, designed to influence buyers. Especially in the technical fields, engineers around the world are making training videos, successfully demonstrating new equipment.

Audiences of buyers from various countries keep growing, and therefore materials need to be localized and properly translated.

We offer a comprehensive service for the translation of audio/video materials, with localization for a specific audience. This means that we take into account linguistic features of the originator of the material and his target audience. In the translation process, we also actively involve industry professionals – engineers with knowledge of foreign languages ​​to ensure accurate translations in the technical sense, as well as scientific and technical editors that make the text easy to read and fully understandable.

As a result, the client receives adapted audio/video materials that are easily understood by his target audience.

Translation of audio and video materials goes through the following stages:

1. Watching/listening to the materials and analysis of their specificity.

2. Stenography – transcribing the audio/video materials.

3. Translation of the transcribed script.

4. Preparing materials for captions or voiceovers.

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