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Translation of legal and financial documents


To enter a new foreign market and extract profit from it, as well as to confidently undertake foreign economic activity, it is necessary to build extremely strong relationships with foreign business partners. The first step, after successful negotiations with potential foreign counterparts (both clients and partners), is the conclusion of an international agreement, the drafting of which must often be done in several languages.

It is worth noting that even a slight distortion of meaning or small inaccuracy in the translation of legal terms can lead to significant financial losses and misunderstandings on the part of your foreign counterparts, which can lead to confusion and thus complicate your relationships.

In addition to international agreements, we translate the following legal and financial documents:

- Statutory documents

- Statements and extracts,

- Customs declarations

- Confidentiality agreements

- Letters of intent,

- Shareholders agreements,

- Appraisal reports on businesses, assets,

- Foreign court judgments, etc.,

- Financial Statements,

- Audit reports,

- Bills of lading,

- Invoices, etc.

To ensure the provision of adequate quality translations, we employ translator-lawyers with knowledge of Russian and international laws, as well as economists, accountants, auditors and bank employees, who professionally translate documents from a foreign language into Russian. For translation into a foreign language, we employ lawyers with knowledge of the Russian language and permanent residence in the country, in which the language of the translated documents is spoken.

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