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Website localization (translation of content and development of a website)

In the modern business world, corporate websites have become the “faces” of companies. Over the past few years, a trend has developed in Europe of creating multilingual websites. As practice shows, this helps in the attraction of new customers, which turns into increased revenues. The localization of a website for a foreign language audience is a great way to draw attention to a company in potential new markets, and to establish it as a good international partner.

How to correctly localize a website?

In order to localize a website for a new target audience, you need to first define in what geographic region your audience is located – and only after that, it will become clear what language to use and what nuances to consider.

For example, if you wish to localize a website for an audience in Switzerland (the country has three official languages: German, French and Italian, and one common language – English), it is necessary to understand, in which part of Switzerland your audience resides, and then translated the website into that particular language.

If you are pursuing a goal of entering onto the international arena, you need to select the desired version of the English language (British, American, Canadian, Australian, or that of New Zealand).

To achieve high-quality translations with all the geographical special characteristics of the language, we employ native speakers to edit text on the lexical and syntactic level of that language.

To ensure that a foreign-language website is clearly understood by industry professionals, in the translation process we actively involve engineers with knowledge of foreign languages, which monitor compliance with all the specialized technical nuances.

It is also important that the website is easy and fun to read. To achieve this, our team of marketing experts edits texts and reworks advertising slogans of the company – the so-called transcreation process (localization of slogans into a foreign language).

Also at the disposal of clients is our IT department, which can post content, code webpages or develop a completely new website and place it in the desired Internet space.

Thus, the localization of a website includes several stages of the work, which may vary depending on the resources and the wishes of the client:

1. Analysis of the current site, its design features and content.
2. The development of the new site, if necessary.
3. Translation and localization of required website content.
4. Placement of content.
5. Coding of webpages.

As a result, the client receives a properly localized website that helps him achieve the desired business objectives.

One example is the localized website we created for Aruba Networks

The cost of this service is calculated on an individual basis. Please contact our managers by phone at: +7 (499) 686-0390.